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Technical Manual Oil Seals

ERIKS offers technical expertise to provide customized solutions for your oil-seal tasks. Many solutions can be found in this ERIKS technical oil-seal manual.

If you have any other requirements or need additional information, please contact ERIKS. Or download sections of the technical manual using this table of contents.
# Title Pag. Download
1. Introduction
2. Principle of Oil Seals 4
3. Construction of the Oil Seal 5
4. Common types 6
5. Common materials 10
6. Shaft materials, tolerance of seals and housing 12
7. Eccentricity and shaft oscillation
8. Shaft materials and tolerances
9. Lubrication 15
10. Oil Seals for higher pressures 16
11. Split Oil Seals 17
12. Assembly of the Oil Seal 19
13. Troubleshooting 21
14. Conversion table inch / mm 22
15. Table of DIN dimensions 23

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