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Anticipate on high investments, use an ERI-SLEEVE

ERIKS - eri-sleeveThe application of ERI-SLEEVE shaft repair sleeves is a proven solution to save time and money.  The ERI-SLEEVE is a complete shaft repair set to repair damaged shafts. This article can also be applicable to protect new shafts and to provide them with the optimal contact surface for an oil seal. ERI-SLEEVE shaft repair sleeves are careful manufactured precise parts of chromed stainless steel. The sleeve has the right hardness and has an excellent surface through which the period between the repairs is extended. The ultra small wall makes it possible to keep using the same size of oil seal after the assemblage above the damaged part of the shaft.

Advantages:ERIKS - eri-sleeve ring

  • very simple to assemble
  • large assortment, deliverable directly from stock
  • huge savings in costs
  • extended life time thanks to a perfect contact surface

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