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High-tech specialities for heavy duty application

For special operational conditions, ERIKS has a wide range of possible solutions for all kind of applications. Even extreme operating applications can be sealed with these kinds of oil seals, whereby the shaft oscillation and out of roundness can be more tolerated.

 Product Type Materials Diameter Speed Temperature Pressure 
ERIKS - model 23 garlock klozuresERIKS - model 23Model 23 Garlock klozures
Split Seal, NBR, Mill Right, Viton®, SiliconeWave spring ø 75 - 1500
10 m/s

ERIKS - model 64 garlock klozuresModel 64 Garlock klozures
NBR, Viton®, Silicone, Mill RightHelical- and wave springø 250 - 1800
35 m/s
ERIKS - model 53 en 63 garlock klozuresModel 53 Garlock klozureNBR, Viton®, Silicone, Mill Right
Only wave spring RVS
ø 75 - 1000
15 m/s
ERIKS - model 53 en 63Model 63 Garlock klozure
Only wave spring RVS
NBR, Viton®, Silicone, Mill Right
ø 6 - 75m/s
ERIKS - weefsel model wrERIKS - weefselFabric
NBR, Viton®, Silicone, also in Split Seal
In fabric reinforcement + RVS spring
To ø 1200 mm
 Model WR 35, 36, 37, 151, 154, 1635, 1636, 1637

ERIKS - labyrint afdichtingen

Labyrint Seals
Contact free seal for a minute amount of liquid leakage by a seal
 ø 15 - 165 mm
25 m/s - -40/+205°C
ERIKS - bearing protectorERIKS - magtecta


The most universeel 'bearing protector'No leakkage
ø 20 to ø 176 mm
5 bar
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