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Need an oil seal urgently?

ERIKS - oliekeerringWe deliver each desired size!

The ERIKS Service centres offer you an enormous assortment of oil seals with approximately 5,500 items of ERIKS and more than 4,500 items original Simmerrings® of Freudenberg Simrit, so almost all sizes and styles are deliverable. Our GVP-type (see figure) can be delivered in each desired size above at least 100mm or 4” external, without minimum purchase and high tool costs. The types GVP and GVPst (style with an additional dust lip) can be delivered very fast, in less than 48 hours when it is urgent.

Material combinations types GVP, GVPst, GVPex (external sealing lip)

  • outer case: carbon steel, stainless steel and naval bronze
  • helical spring: standard springsteel and stainless steel
  • sealing lips: NBR, FPM, EPDM, PTFE

Oil seals can endure pressures upto approximately 1 to 1,5 bar.

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