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OmniSeals® voor de Olie en Gas Industrie


OmniSeals® (491kB)

Our History in Oil and Gas

Back in the 1970s, Saint-Gobain introduced OmniSeal® to the oil and gas market largely to solve reliability and durability problems caused by the severe performance limitations of elastomeric seals.

OmniSeal® addressed critical areas of concern such as aggressive media (sour gas with H2S > 6%, methanol and other harsh chemicals) and critical working environments (temperature higher than 356°F/180°C or lower than -58°F/-50°C). At the beginning of the 1980s Saint-Gobain participated, with its unique OmniSeal® design, in major oil fi eld projects in the North Sea, such as Fulmar and Ekofi sk.

The acquired experience permitted Saint-Gobain to design a series of innovative sealing solutions able to comply with the continuously increasing performance requirements of high-performance valve manufacturers. These manufacturers globally have standardized on Saint-Gobain sealing solutions for projects in UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, South America, the West African coast, Australia, Indonesia, Canada, the Russian republics and Asia. Today, the continuous development in materials and innovation in sealing solutions are executed at our global manufacturing facilities (U.S., Belgium, Brazil, Japan, China and Poland) in conjunction with our world class R&D center.

The confi dence our customers have in our products and service has earned us a unique market position as the high-performance sealing expert for the Oil and Gas industry. Today we are involved in nearly every major oil and gas fi eld project, such as Kashagan, Tengiz, Sakhalin 1 and 2, Ormen Lange and many more.

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