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PTFE Lipseals

In sealing technology, one of the key criteria is an optimum seal with minimal fitting measurements. ERIKS offers you a number of possibilities with lipseals and spring-actuated seals. Various types with FDA approval for use in foodstuffs.

PTFE types:

Carbon-graphite filled, Ekonol filled, Rulon®, Glass/MOS2 filled, Fluoroloy 72 (FDA), Gylon white (FDA), Gylon-graphite, other types on request.

Metal housing of:

Carbon steel, aluminium, SS 304, 316, 316Ti.

Critical applications:

PTFE lipseals are often the ideal solution for critical applications. We can engineer the desired solution for you.

References with:
Hydraulic pumps, vacuum pumps, mixers, actuators, robotics, compressors, pharma equipment, chemical pumps, loading arms, rotating couplings, packaging machines.

 ERIKS typeApplicationTemp. °C 
ERIKS - lipseals ERIKS lipseals30 m/s - 35 bar
ø: 6 - 200 mm
Metal surface, PTFE lip
Oilseals_PTFE lipseals_Saint-Gobain lipseal ERIKS dynalip seals
30 m/s - 35 bar
ø: 6 - 200 mm
Fluoroloy surface + O-ring
ERIKS - garlock ps-lipseals ERIKS Garlock PS-lipseals

Garlock PS-Seal manual (462kB)
45 m/s - 25 bar
ø: 6 - 200 mm
Gylon PTFE lip




Garlock PS-SEAL® with GYLON® Brown-White


Download a brochure here (570kB)

Technische data PS-SEAL® with GYLON® Brown-White Style 3549
» By default made from stainless steel 1.4571
Operating pressure
» Up to 25 bar (depending on design)
Surface abrasiveness
» Ra = 0,1 – 0,4 μm
» Rz = 0,6 – 2,0 μm
» Rmax = 4 μm
Surface abrasiveness
» 60 HRC
-90 °C/+260 °C
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