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Construction with outside rubber diameter

ERIKS typeDINApplication

ERIKS - RZVRZV Smaller sizes only for applications such as needle bearings and grease seal.
ERIKS - RGZV RGZV Similar application as type RZV, but the outside surface has a ribbed design.
Rubber outer diameter with a carbon steel insert. Construction is in accordance with DIN 3760A and available in both metric and inch sizes.
ERIKS - RG RG Ribbed outer rubber surface. With this system the thermal expansion of the housing is absorbed. This is used in automotive applications.
ERIKS - RST RSTAS Oil Seal with additional dust lip to prevent damage of sealing lip and to avoid the ingress of dust, dirt, water etc. into the system. Very commonly used in both metric and inch sizes.
ERIKS - RGST RGST Identical application as type RST, but the outside rubber surface has a ribbed design to absorb thermal expansion of the housing

ERIKS - RST-D RST-D Seals pressures to 10 bar (1MPa) depending on the circumstances because it is more compact than type RST. It is recommended that our application engineers should be contacted.
ERIKS - RV RV The helical spring is encapsulated in the seal. This is important when the seal has to be moved over almost the full shaft length, preventing both dislodgement of the spring and its contact with the medium to be sealed.
ERIKS - R-DUO R-DUO R type with two sealing lips, used for sealing two separate media. When the requested R-Duo type is not available, two R-types can be fitted back to back.
ERIKS - REX REX This type has to be mounted on the shaft, and has the seal lip on the outside. It is used in wheel seal applications and is frequently used in centrifuges.
 Viton covered seal with completely encapsulated steel insert for high temperature and chemically aggressive applications; it is supplied with a stainless steel spring as standard. The Viton® used in the manufacture of Oil Seals is produced by DuPont Dow Elastomers.
 Similar to Viton GR, but with an additional dust lip to prevent damage to the sealing lip and to prevent ingress of dust into the system.   It is supplied with a stainless steel spring as standard.
ERIKS - R-T R-T Oil Seal with a PTFE face bonded to the synthetic rubber element to reduce friction and heat development. Not available from stock. Its application is in Formula 1 engines.
ERIKS - RST-T RST-T Similar to type R-T, but with additional dust lip. Not available from stock.
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