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Modular Sealing System

Condition monitoring

A well thought out maintenance management programme can reduce maintenance costs by up to 40% and reliably protect plant and equipment against failure. Condition Monitoring is the most current strategy on the market. Simmerring® MSS1+ Condition Monitoring is Simrit's innovative contribution. The Simmerring® is one of the most highly stressed machine elements. Until now, it was one of the wear elements that was undetectable in conventional machine monitoring systems. Even after 10,000 operating hours of reliable sealing, replacing it is inevitable after a certain amount of wear to ensure the seamless functioning of the machine and to avoid costintensive down time or failures.

Oil-seals - speciale oliekeerring

Reliable sealing function monitoring for a wide application range

With Simmerring® MSS1+ Condition Monitoring, Simrit now offers one of the most cost-effective solutions of the most modern early-detection technology to be integrated in a standardised sealing element. Within the independent seal function monitoring, the sensor detects the critical wear status of the sealing system at an early stage. Costly, preventative seal replacement is thus avoided and simplifies the matching to the maintenance cycle interval. An attractive, cost-effective solution due to its reliability and flexibility. With all the sealing advantages that only an original Simmerring® offers.


  • Automatic seal function monitoring
  • Seal replacement can be planned in the framework of maintenance intervals without uncalculated down times of machine and system
  • Protection of smaller equipment from failure due to oil loss
  • Cost-effective application possibilities even for small series through modular design from standardised seal systems
  • Individual scalability of the leakage tolerance for preventing malfunctions
  • Can be integrated in interfaces of existing monitoring systems

Oil-seals - lekkage-detectieOil-seals - lekkage-detectie2
  1. Ribbon cable for transmission of signals
  2. Sensor circuit board with optical sensor
  3. Aluminum/steel mounting straps for circuit board and sensor
  4. Absorbent special non-woven material
  5. Standard cataloque BAUSLX2 of BAUMSL in NBR of FKM
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