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Construction with outside metal surface

ERIKS typeDIN Application
ERIKS - MZV MZV Smaller sizes only for applications such as needle bearings and grease seal.
Metal cased standard Oil Seal with vulcanised sealing lips. This type is frequently replaced by type R.
Similar to type M but with additional dust lip. Applications are the same as type RST, when the requested type is not available.
ERIKS - M-DUO M-DUO With two sealing lips, for sealing two separate media. Limited stock is available.
ERIKS - MEX MEX External sealing type, whereby the metal case is mounted on the shaft.
Totally enclosed metal casing for extra reinforcement, and a vulcanised rubber sealing lip. It is widely employed for larger shaft diameters for example in heavy industry such as roller bearings.
Similar to type GV, but with additional dust lip.
ERIKS - GVP GVP Oil Seal with double metal case and assembled rubber sealing lip. Seals low pressures as well. It is available in almost every size from at least 100 mm inside diameter.
ERIKS - GVPST GVPST Similar to type GVP, but with additional dust lip.
ERIKS - VSS VSS Special type for sealing valve stems in engines. It is only produced on demand.
ERIKS - MR MR Oil Seal commonly used in engines.  Press fitting of a metal case combined with a better internal sealing rubber case.
ERIKS - MRST MRST Similar as type MR with additional dust lip.
ERIKS - M-T M-T Oil Seal with a PTFE layer on the sealing lip to reduce friction and heat development. Its application is in Formula 1 engines. Not available from stock.
ERIKS - MST-T MST-T Similar to type M-T but with additional dust lip. Not available from stock.
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