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Simmering® MRO Toolkit


Simmerring® MRO Toolkit (1822kB)

Simmerring® MRO Toolkit

Simmerrings are durable and versatile components, whose functionality depends to a great extent upon their being properly installed. Thus, for example, up to 30% of early failures of rotary shaft seals are traceable to faulty installation. Simrit® has now developed an assembly set that minimises installation errors and simplifies deinstallation.

MRO Toolkit


The disassembly tool makes possible the gentle removal of Simmerrings. It consists of a slide hammer, two extensions and tapping screws.


The tools especially developed for this purpose make possible the damagefree installation of Simmerrings. Simply select the appropriate protective rim, based on the dimension, and insert the Simmerring® securely and carefully in the borehole.

Fretax AF 281

Solvent-free and silicon-free soft paraffin as a slip and pressing-in agent for rubber-metal designs. Fretax AF 281 provides effective temporary corrosionprotection, reduces the press-in force and increases the press-out force after storage.

Petamo GHY 133N

PETAMO GHY 133N Long-lasting and high-temperature Klüber lubricant for initial greasing of the dust excluder lip. Fill the space between the sealing lip and dirt lip to a max. of 40%. Do not apply grease on the sealing edge.

Dismantling radial shaft seal easily and safely with the Simmerring® MRO-Toolkit

Dismantling Simmerring® radial shaft seals the way it’s supposed to be: easy, gentle, safe and professional – with the Simmerring® MRO tool kit. In a few steps, we show you how it works.

Change of radial shaft seals very easy

Early failures of Simmerring® radial shaft sealing rings can be traced back to faulty assembly or damage to the surface when removing in up to 30% of all cases. For this reason, it is especially important to use the proper tool!
ERIKS - MRO Toolkit1

Replace Simmerring® radial shaft seals: with the special extraction tool

With a specially developed dismantling tool that consists of a piston with a slide hammer and a special screw, dismantling the seal without damaging the shaft surface or the borehole is child’s play even for laypersons.
ERIKS - MRO Toolkit2

Dismantling in no time at all

Affix extraction tool with the special screw, drive screw in and screw in...
ERIKS - MRO Toolkit3

Pull out the Simmerring®

Pull the shaft seal out! You have already pulled the Simmerring® out without damage to the shaft or the enclosure.
ERIKS - MRO Toolkit4


The shaft seal is already gently and expertly dismantled.
ERIKS - MRO Toolkit5

Old out, new in: installation made easy!

Positioning the new shaft seal in the enclosure.
ERIKS - MRO Toolkit6

Driving the new shaft seal in with the suitable installation tool

Specially designed knock rings for assembly of Simmerring® radial shaft sealing rings that are coordinated to the Simmerring® inside and outside diameters guarantee easy, faultless and professional assembly of shaft seals.
ERIKS - MRO Toolkit7

It’s tight, it fits and it’s sealed!

The shaft remains completely undamaged during replacement. That’s what you call professional assembly!
ERIKS - MRO Toolkit8

Dismantling the way it’s supposed to be

Easy, gentle, safe and professional – with the Simmerring® MRO extraction tool.
ERIKS - MRO Toolkit9

All-in-One Toolkit: all inclusive!

So that everything is ready to hand right at the repair station, you’ve got everything in one kit: the pro tools for assembly and dismantling, incl. repair auxiliary materials and accessories! The Simmerring® MRO Toolkit. Get a quote now.
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